Preventing Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

Postpartum depression and anxiety affect 1 in 5 new moms and are known to be the most common complications of childbirth.  Yet, these challenges are rarely discussed and continue to hold great stigma and shame.  Although depression and anxiety during pregnancy and postpartum can be difficult and unexpected, they are also highly preventable and absolutely treatable.

Come join us for a monthly gathering for pregnant moms and their partners to discuss strategies and preparation for a healthy postpartum experience.  This talk will be especially valuable to women who are at high risk for developing a a postpartum mood and anxiety disorder (like PPD or PPA) but is certainly appropriate for any pregnant mom.  In this class we will discuss postpartum emotional challenges (including the spectrum of mood and anxiety disorders), risk factors, warning signs, and ways to think ahead and plan for a healthy postpartum experience so as to decrease the changes of developing depression and anxiety in the first year with a baby.  This talk will be fun and will, hopefully, begin a process of increasing awareness and decreasing the stigma related to these VERY common challenges.

Where: The TreeHouse at YoMama Yoga

737 29th street, Boulder CO 80303

When: The First Thursday of every month; 5:30-7pm

Cost: $5 donation suggested to cover room cost

To Register: call Kate at 303-586-1564 or email

Previous Events

September 30, 2011
Training for Psychotherapists and Medical Professionals:
Perinatal Mood And Anxiety Disorders:  Assessment and Treatment Considerations

Where: Boulder Institute for Psychotherapy and Research
When: September 30, 9am-noon
Why: Approximately 20% women who give birth will suffer from a mood or anxiety disorder during pregnancy or the first postpartum year. Although these illnesses can be extremely painful and at times life threatening, they are highly treatable and can be supported effectively with early detection.  This training will provide you with the awareness and information that you need to effectively support the families who you work with through the pregnancy and postpartum period.


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Pregnancy after loss group

Workshop: Preparing for a healthy postpartum

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