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Postpartum Depression and Relationships: Treating the Whole Family

When I work with moms in my practice, they are not alone.  Even if they are sitting in my office without their babies, partners, family members or friends.  Treating a mom with PPD involves the repair and strengthening of the … Continue reading

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Understanding The Difference Between Normal Postpartum Adjustment and PPD

Are you or someone who you know unsure about whether or not your challenges postpartum require outside support?  If so, come and visit me at Postpartum Progress.  We are breaking it down…

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REMINDER: next web/video based PPD Support Group 5/23 2:30pm MST!

My next web/video-based PPD support group with Regroup Therapy is this weds, 5/23 at 2:30pm MST… This is an amazing opportunity to connect with other struggling postpartum moms from the comfort of your home… and its free! Please spread the … Continue reading

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Next On-Line PPD Support Group 5/23 2:30pm MST

If you are looking for an opportunity to join a group of other moms like you, please come and participate in my next PPD Support group through Regroup Therapy.  To join this group or any others, please click here. All … Continue reading

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On Motherhood. And Wonder Woman.

Mother’s Day is coming to a close.  My husband is in California for work, and I have spent my second Mother’s Day in a row alone with my two spectacular daughters.  I can’t tell a lie- I spent much of … Continue reading

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Postpartum Progress Mother’s Day Rally for Mental Health

Okay moms…. Want to know something that you can do to celebrate yourself on Mother’s Day?  Come and Visit 24 moms on Postpartum Progress who will share their story- one every hour- about struggling with and recovering from a postpartum … Continue reading

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What is a Mother?

There is a big day approaching.. so big that without the person who the day celebrates, there would be no human life on earth.  No world population.  Not. One. Person. Would. Exist. Without. Mothers.   So, for my mother’s Day … Continue reading

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What we Have to Learn From Wolves

Wolves have a lot to teach us, people.  Seriously. Fact: Wolves travel in packs.  When a female wolf gives birth to her pups, the entire wolf pack pitches in to care for both the mother and her young.  When the … Continue reading

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Gwyneth Paltrow Speaks Openly About her Postpartum Depression

A friend tipped me off to this today, and to be honest, I was unsure about what to expect… A celebrity talking about PPD- would she be authentic?  Would her explanation align with fact and current understanding about perinatal Depression?  … Continue reading

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