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Signing off for the holidays

I will, most likely, be signed off from all of you until early January.  Please know that I will be thinking of you all throughout this holiday season…. The holidays are certainly filled with many moments of joy and wonder, … Continue reading

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An Explanation of Suicidal Thinking in “Plain Mama English”

A reader at Postpartum Progress asked the following question: What is considered a “suicidal” thought, ideation or gesture? I remember being asked by my physician if I was having suicidal thoughts and I honestly didn’t know if I should say … Continue reading

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Having a Baby after Infant Loss- The Complicated Mix of Grief and Joy

Loosing a baby at any point is, undoubtedly, one of the more traumatic experiences a parent can endure. Giving birth to a baby following such a loss is, for many women, a very complicated experience- marked by both great joy … Continue reading

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Grieving the Losses and Postpartum Depression Recovery

If only postpartum mood disorders like PPD were as simple as managing symptoms.  But of course, the symptoms related to these illnesses- the sadness, tearfulness, overwhelm, intense anxiety, isolation, feelings of hopelessness, irritability etc. are only part of the issue, … Continue reading

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