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And This is What I Know

1. Every Mom that walks into my office is there because she is a great mom… even if she can’t see it yet. 2. Motherhood is hard for 99.9999% of the women out there (and I’d really be interested to … Continue reading

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What is This Thing Called “Postpartum Depression” Anyway?

The below post was originally published on theĀ  Boulder Nurse Midwives’ Blog. Postpartum Depression and Anxiety are usually the last things you are thinking about when you both muddle and dance through the 9 or so months of your pregnancy. … Continue reading

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The Soothing Role of Yoga and Chanting

Below is an offering from De West, a prenatal and postpartum Yoga teacher extraordinaire in Boulder, Colorado. While moderate and severe emotional distress really does require the support of a professional trained in the treatment of perinatal mood disorders, it … Continue reading

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PPD- A Nutritionist’s Perspective on Eating for Emotional Health

Below is the fourth in a series of interviews aimed at providing insight about Postpartum Mood Disorders by a number of different health and wellness professionals. We know that there are a variety of factors that contribute to the development … Continue reading

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It Can Be a Rocky Road: PPD and Marriage/Partnerships

I invite you to come and read my 2 part series at Postpartum Progress… And, part 2 here.

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Introductions, perhaps?

Ok- I am just sitting down to a few hours of paperwork and then several sessions with Moms and Moms-to-be. While I would love nothing more than to spill out onto this computer all of the many things that I … Continue reading

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I’ve been away for a while, I know. As many of you know, I am now a bi-monthly contributor to Postpartum Progress, and I have found it challenging to devote time to both blogs. But know that I am always … Continue reading

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The Curse of Perfection

It has been an incredibly busy week with seeing Moms in my office, giving all that I can to my kids, reconnecting with my husband, trying to keep up with friends, and finding time to take care of me (oh, … Continue reading

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