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The Ands and Buts of Postpartum Depression

It’s that time again… Come visit me at Postpartum Progress!

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Changing Inside and Out: Mindfully (and Healthfully) Embracing Your Body as a Mom-to-Be

Dear Readers: I introduce you to my friend and colleague Christina Papanestor, LCSW. Christina is a licensed psychotherapist and clinical social worker based in San Francisco. Her practice focuses on working with diverse individuals and couples to explore life choices, … Continue reading

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The Darned Stigma

Our local community hospital in Boulder hosts a quarterly New Mom’s Tea.  At these events, Moms and their new babies come together to spend time with each other and to meet local providers who are committed to supporting new families.  … Continue reading

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The Power of Vulnerability

Here is an invitation: Grab yourself a cup of tea, a glass of wine, a pint of ice cream, or your favorite down time treat and settle in for the next 15 minutes or so.  And, as you do, be … Continue reading

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When Postpartum Beliefs Become Truths: On Self Doubt

Come visit me at Postpartum Progress!

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It Makes Perfect Sense… actually.

Yesterday, Katherine Stone over at Postpartum Progress posted a piece titled Do You Need To Have a Reason to Have Postpartum Depression? This post was a response to a Mom’s question about Postpartum Depression- this Mom, like so many others, … Continue reading

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An Essay: The Many Faces of Postpartum Depression

It is with great appreciation that I offer this essay to you.  I am certain that there will be something within its words that resonates with you or someone you know. Thanks Bill.   The Many Faces of Postpartum Depression … Continue reading

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