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Celebs Speak Up about PPD

Last week, Gweneth Paltrow dedicated a post in her blog GOOP to Postpartum Depression.  In this newsletter, both she and Bryce Dallas Howard speak their truth about the emotional challenges  that they faced after the birth of their children.  As … Continue reading

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What if I Have PPD and Don’t Want to Take Meds?

I work with women in my Boulder, Colorado psychotherapy practice, and most of them are struggling in one way or another with their transition to motherhood.  While the range of challenges varies, the desire to feel differently is pretty consistent.  … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Mom’s Groups

The benefit of joining other moms in a setting that allows for safe and real conversation about the realities of new parenting can not be understated. I’ve talked about this before.  Whether you are struggling with severe PPD or simply … Continue reading

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When The Crying Just Doesn’t Stop

As if the first few days, weeks, and months of caring for a new baby weren’t challenging enough!  We all know how it goes- your baby cries and cries and no matter what you try, you can’t seem to find … Continue reading

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The Parenting Map

I’m sorry that I have been out of touch for a week or so.  I have just returned from an unexpected trip to NYC to help my mom through a shoulder surgery.  While I was suddenly playing the part of … Continue reading

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