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Acupuncture as a supportive treatment option for prenatal and postpartum depression?

A recent study from Stanford University School of Medicine points toward acupuncture as a successful treatment option for women struggling with depression during pregnancy or postpartum.   This is great news for women who feel strongly about avoiding antidepressant medications during … Continue reading

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“What You Are Doing Matters”

A You Tube video for all the moms out there.

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Preparing For a Healthy Motherhood

Its amazing how easy it is to to prepare yourself for childbirth without even really considering the importance of preparing for the weeks and months after you meet that sweet babe on the outside.  For decades, women and their partners … Continue reading

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Postpartum Emotions: Understanding what is normal and what may need support

Dr. Ariel Dalfen, MD is the author of a wonderfully written and hugely informative book on PPD titled When Baby Brings the Blues.  In this book, she clearly maps out the emotional vulnerabilities in new motherhood that are both serious … Continue reading

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The true source of suffering

In her book, Mindful Motherhood, Cassandra Vieten highlights a hugely significant quote taken from Pema Chodron’s book When Things Fall Apart. “It isn’t the things that are happening to us that cause us to suffer, it’s what we say to … Continue reading

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A Few PPD Facts

Originally created for Boulder Foothills Hospital by Kate Kripke, LSW • If a mom struggles emotionally in the first months or years after giving birth, she is “in good company”. Approximately 20% of those women who give birth will have … Continue reading

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Off The Hook

It’s about time to take yourself off the hook. This seemed to be the theme of my work with moms today. Each and every woman who walked into my office on this sunny Thursday in Boulder was challenged with the … Continue reading

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Postpartum Depression (PPD)- an OBGYN’s perspective

Below is the first in a series of interviews aimed at providing insight on PPD by a number of different health and wellness professionals. We know that there are a variety of factors that contribute to the development of depression … Continue reading

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The Mindful Mama

Mindfulness. My guess is that this word brings a different idea, thought, or image to each of us. For some, the word may bring a sense of inner peace- of calm. These may be the folks who already have some … Continue reading

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