“Kate Kripke helped me through a time when I was in deep crisis.  I was having an extremely difficult time with my first baby and was having trouble functioning.  Kate was able to effectively work with me to come up with a personal roadmap to get my life and my emotional stability back on track.  She was empathetic and easy to talk to.  She also gave me action items each week that were realistic and positive.  Kate was instrumental in helping me to find life balance and stability.  She is genuine, insightful and I am so grateful to have worked with her.”
-NP  (Mom of 9 month old)

“Kate Kripke has a gift; she helps people live well and to savor it.  I came to Kate at a difficult juncture in my life.  With her guidance, I transitioned to a healthier place internally then extended it to my family life, career, professional community, and civic involvement. She brings the credibility of an advanced degree in social work and many years as a counselor to her wellness practice. I trusted Kate’s guidance during my big transition and continue to apply the skills she taught me. She made a big impact on my path to a more authentic, balanced self.”
-LV  (Mom of 4 year old)

“I reached out to Kate at about 8 months postpartum when my anxiety, stress from work, and cumulative sleep deprivation/insomnia were at their heights.  I had also almost given up on nursing my son several times.  She helped me through the journey of finding balance, understanding my state of mind and emotions, using tools to improve my well-being, and with the process of ending my previous job and starting a new job.  Working with Kate was invaluable.  We came up with a plan, worked together through the “homework,” discussed what I was going through, and found solutions.  As a result, I now have resources that now help me as a mom, but also with having an overall healthy lifestyle and state of mind.  Kate is amazing, incredibly supportive and understanding.  I highly recommend her.”
-EE (mom of 16 month old)

“I highly recommend Kate’s Finding Balance in Motherhood class!  I took it last year and found great
ideas in working with her and our group on simplifying a very  busy work
and home life. Kate is a pleasure to have as an instructor and pushed me to ask
myself what I could do without and what was really important in my life. I
found her course very helpful.”
- K.G (mom of 2)

“Kate Kripke has been a wonderful counselor and educator to our patients at Boulder Nurse Midwives. Kate will talk with pregnant women who are depressed or feel they are becoming depressed and offer them strategies to help them improve. She always refers on to Medical Doctors appropriately when women are in need of more support than she can provide. We often refer to Kate when women and their families are struggling with adjustment in the post-partum period. We also refer to her when women are having mild post partum depression symptoms and want to talk with someone to help sort through their emotions. We have had nothing but positive feedback from our patients who see Kate.”
- Merrilynn Artman, CNM, MS, Boulder Nurse Midwives

“I refer clients to Kate for several reasons. Kate is the mother of two young girls and she is a real mom living the life of a mom. She knows what this means and she knows what joys and what challenges parenting brings to ones life, to ones relationships, and to ones perspective of self.

Another thing that has impressed me about Kate and her work is that Kate really cares about her clients and about the community-at-large. Kate has invested a lot of her self and her professional expertise in educating other health care professionals in how to identify parents and families that may need assistance in achieving physical, social, and emotional health. “
- Stephanie Moore, RN, BSN, IBCLC, Owner Becoming Mother’s, Boulder CO

“I love the fact that Kate speaks about a subject that few undertake..that she shares her knowledge with doctors and other health care workers who have direct contact with patients–who are at the front line when it comes to noticing a problem. She talks about a subject that many regard as an almost taboo subject–a subject that women are embarrassed to talk about. Because of Kate,I know that we as a society are more understanding of postpartum depression.

When I was at the lecture that Kate gave at our hospital, I was so thrilled to have her there. I remember thinking that more people in health care NEED to hear Kate’s message- that there IS help out there–great, reliable, compassionate help. Kate made it personal and took away the stigma.”
- Melody Love, Labor and Delivery Nurse, Boulder Community Hospital

“Kate Kripke is an incredible asset to any expectant or new mother. She brings a wealth of knowledge and information to anyone who is excited, yet overwhelmed at all the new responsibilities and tasks that come with motherhood. I have sent clients to her for private counseling and group classes.

As an acupuncturist I keep close tabs on my new moms. Issues post-partum can develop suddenly and run the gamut, from feeling overwhelmed, to depression and at its most dangerous, psychosis. Most new mothers are afraid to admit things may not be going as smoothly as they would like. Kate’s expertise is invaluable. I trust her implicitly to care for my clients during a vulnerable time.”
– Erin Pass, L.Ac., Dipl. C.H., Acupuncture Clinic of Boulder, Inc.