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Ever Wonder Where You Went?

It’s this crazy thing: You have a baby and suddenly become a mother and then, either immediately or months or years later you think, “Wait a second, where did I go?  Where is that person who I know myself to … Continue reading

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When You Feel Caught Between: Being Both a Mom and a Daughter

Come visit me at Postpartum Progress to read more!!

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Introducing Postpartum Progress’ DAILY HOPE

Dear Readers- If you are a Mom currently struggling with a Perinatal Mood Disorder, I encourage you to check out a new service from Postpartum Progress.  Daily Hope offers mothers who are suffering daily encouragement and support via email.  And … Continue reading

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When Birth Trauma Leads to Postpartum PTSD

Birth experiences and the ways that women perceive them are, besides pregnancy, a Mom’s first taste of parenthood.  And so whatever messages or memories a Mom takes with her from these episodes can, no doubt, set the stage for early … Continue reading

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PPD- An Acupuncturist’s Perspective

Below is the third in a series of interviews aimed at providing insight about PPMDs by a number of different health and wellness professionals. We know that there are a variety of factors that contribute to the development of depression … Continue reading

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Survivors Surviving… and More.

For anyone who is a survivor of sexual abuse, giving birth can be incredibly anxiety provoking and at times traumatic.  My wonderful colleague and friend Katie Wise, founder of YoMama Yoga, offers an inspiring voice around these issues as she … Continue reading

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Gwyneth Gets Real

If you haven’t already heard the buzz (and people are talking!) Gwyneth Paltrow was recently interviewed for Good Housekeeping about her life as a Mom and the true ups and downs of far-from-Hollywood realty.  Gwyneth has opened up about her … Continue reading

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